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This is Arijit Ghosh & my blog is all about the tricks of controlling mind. From the definition of mind and connection of memory, mind, body, senses, intellect and soul to driving the mind to achieve success.

Blogging about mind control is my full time job. Although I’m not a certified mind controller but there is a great reason for choosing this blogging as my career option.

Why did I choose blogging as my career option?

In the year of 2012, I was working as a Tele caller in a BPO sector in Kolkata. It was probably 2nd December. I was on my duty and suddenly I received a phone from my child hood friend Suresh . He informed me that our another childhood friend (I don’t want to reveal his name here as he is dead now and I don’t want to make our child hood friend to be laughed at) had committed suicide by consuming pesticide on the previous day . The reason of this suicide was that his girlfriend was got married by an another guy on that day…………………….

In the evening , when I came back home from the office, I decided to visit my friend’s home to see him off for the last time. It was near about 8:30 pm, I reached at my late friend’s home to face the cloudy environment.

My friend was laid down on the floor, decorated by white garlands on his body. I stooped to keep my bouquet on his body and took a look on his face. For a single moment I thought that my friend is still sleeping. He will wake up as I will call him with his name. But I was too ill fated to awake my friend forever. It was my first time close experience with death. After half an hour I started walking for my home. I was just trying to imagine, how much pain did my friend tolerate,to take the decision of committing suicide by leaving all his family members and childhood friends who loved him a lot.

The word “death” is very homely to us. But we can clearly make out it’s gruesomeness when it snatches our near and dear ones for ever. The death of my childhood friend made me alone completely on that day. It seemed that someone has stopped the speed of time for ever. It is really true that there are some special people whom cannot be replaced by any one in our life. Besides, it is also true that suicide can’t be a solution of any kind of problem in our life.

His suicide created a lot of commotion in my mind . Proverb goes that , “our birth, death and marriage are dependent only on God.” But is our mind too powerful to drive us to commit suicide? We all know that,we don’t have the ability to control other’s object. “Object” means what the other person wants to do(e.g his /her thinking,planning,imagination, selection,decision,belief).Then why do you make yourself upset through other’s action? Just try to view in this case.Which can be blamed for my friend’s suicide?

1>His love?

2> His girl friend’s cheating ?

3> The feelings that was born in his mind from his girl friend’s cheating or

4>His ill fate?

 Was it possible for my friend to control his mind at that point of time? Was there any way to prevent my friend’s suicide then? If yes, then what is the way?

I had a lot of questions in my mind but there was no answer. So I started exploring all the answers of my questions and gradually I came to know that our mind can not only lead us to commit suicide but also create a lot of troubles in our life if we don’t know how to control it. According to a report ,although the economic controller countries in this world (like : America , Japan) are much developer than other countries in science and technology, but unfortunately the suicidal tendency is very common in the rich and youths of those countries. They are very upset and confused. We are not doing any philosophical analysis here. We are just describing the real problems.

In now a days, the rate of divorce in America is near about 75% ,within the first 3 years of marriage. The  maximum upper class people used to take sleeping pills before going to bed or visit psychiatrist regularly. The people are thick-skinned like a robot and driven like a machine. If someone can return home without addiction, woman, fraud after going out, then it is recognized that he is very lucky.  

When I searched on Internet about the problem , I found a lot of sites are available here on this topic but in most cases the articles are too tough to be understood by the common people. And it is very clear to all of us that some links are missing between the readers and the writers of the blogs and that’s why the youths are committing suicide even today in spite of the appearance of those popular blogs. What will be the parameter of success of those blogs if they cannot solve the problems of our lives?

 So I decided to create a new blog on this topic in an easy and simple language so that everybody can understand the topic easily to take the right decision in any kind of problematic situation in their life by controlling their mind.

I am dedicating this blog for the peace of soul of that beloved, ill fated, childhood friend who had to commit suicide for not being able to control his mind.