Analysis Of The Mistakes Of Modern Society

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Hello, my dear friends welcome to my blog’s second post. Last 7 days ago I published this blog’s first post  “The Mistakes Of The Modern  Society”. From Google Analytics, I learned that, in the last 7 days, a lot of people have read this post and I liked it. I really did not think that my first post would be so good to you.

When I write a post, many thoughts and ideas have to be written with. It is always important to keep in mind how I can make the subject easier for you. So that everyone can understand the subject and my thoughts can be easily taken to find out your life’s correct pathways and start thinking about them more freshly to make your life more prosperous.

But that’s not enough to just read the blog. You must also try to understand this subject by reading the blog. Otherwise, there is no point in reading this blog to waste valuable time in your life. Remember it’s a long journey. At the end of this journey, you will be able to acquire strategies to control your mind. I hope all of you will be with me until this journey ends and tell me the thoughts of your mind through comments. So that you and I may have a strong bond. And if you have any difficulty in understanding any of my articles, do not forget to tell it through the comment. I will try to highlight the subject more easily in front of you. If this blog’s posts are able to change one of you and your life, I would be happy to myself.

The Success Of The Previous Post

Here come the people who commented on my last post. I’m so happy to think that I am able to propagate my thoughts among you. Your mind has started looking for the answers to my questions. That means you started thinking. This is not the matter whether the answer is right or wrong. This is a big deal that you started thinking. Remember, today your answer is wrong, but on the day you understand the matter correctly, you will be able to answer correctly. But to understand the topic correctly, you need to think more deeply.

My Questions And Your Answers

Many people commented on the last post and gave their opinion. My question was why do humans behave like animals?

Mr.VR Prasad answered to this question that “humans have been created through the evolution of animals, so they still behave like animals.”

But I am sorry to say that I do not agree with your reply because, in science, your statement may be true that man has been created from animals through evolution. But for that man behaves like animals, it can not be accepted. Yes, some people behave like animals certainly, but not all people behave like animals. Think, does every person around us behave like animals? Then, where is the truth in your words?

Mr. Avik Ghosh, you replied to the question “Our society, our system forces us to behave like animals.” Your word is partly true but not the whole truth. Why? I will give the answer to the end of the post.

Mr, Rajib Khan, thank you very much, I really liked your comment. In response to the question, why do people behave like animals, you blame people for their desires, anger, and greed. Yes, all that is right, but I really like it if you think about a little deeper. And my friends who have not read my previous post “The Mistakes of The Modern Society“, definitely read once. Otherwise, you may have difficulty in understanding today’s post.

The Analysis

Why do not explain the desires of human beings, anger, and greed, as the cause of the previous events, there is only one question remains till now? And the question is what are these desires, anger, and greed?

Hi friends, what do you think? I have said these three words, desire, anger, greed that do not allow people to behave like a human being by making us ever inferior to animals or even animals. Have you ever thought?

  1. What are all of these?
  2. If they are so harmful to humans, so why is not it possible to completely destroy them?

What? Have difficulty in understanding? Let’s understand It Easily.

I mean, because of the things people are losing their manhood, he started behaving like a beast, If we can destroy those issues, it will be possible to execute the overall development of the people. Is not it? What do you think?

Friends, now let’s try to understand that what are these desires, anger, greed actually?

These desires, anger, greed are all our feelings which are created in our mind. Do not ask me now,” What is mind?” I will discuss more the mind in another category of this blog.

However, in different situations, we feel different feelings in our mind. And the outward manifestation of these feelings of human beings happens in 3 ways:

  1. Through behavior.
  2. Through conversation.
  3. Through Action

How? Did not understand that? So, let’s try to understand that through a few practical examples.

Your love story

When your first romantic feelings were created in your mind that is when you first fell in love, think of those moments. What happened then in reality? Have you ever thought? Let’s think about the memories of that first love of your life.

Through your behavior

You would always keep up your modesty and etiquette in your behavior. You never used to treat others so that others may suffer. You respected the elders. Laughing and joking with friends, you kept your mind in full of joy. Because of your behavior, you became fonder of others. Everyone loved you and wanted to spend time with you. The whole world would have been captured in front of you as beautiful and colorful. You loved to listen to romantic songs during leisure time. You were especially caring for your body and health. You lived in a dream world. You always tried to impress the special person in your life. You always had a smile on your face.

Your Romantic Moments

Through your conversation.

During this time, you could easily make your own place in another’s mind. You were the best of all in speech trick. By speaking, you could create a feeling of happiness in other’s mind. Anyone would have been eager to listen to you. You had a complete solution to any problem. You would go forward before all in any danger. You tried to make a permanent place in your partner’s mind by solving all the problems. You always tried to keep your partner alive through a smile, joke, and fun.

Your Sweet Conversation

Through your action.

What happened? What do you remember? What did you do at this time? You are feeling ashamed? Let me remind you.

Talking secretly with the girlfriend, pointing in secret, conversing face to face, wondering by holding hands with hands, going to watch movies, eating food at the restaurant, giving romantic gifts to each other, enjoying colourful dreams together,and yes, the real words are not said yet, writing love letters, . Oh, sorry to forget that nowadays it is Facebook’s WhatsApp era. There is no need to write love letters. Think Friends, when there was no Facebook and WhatsApp, how difficult it was to continue your love.

Your Sweet Action


In this context, I want to share an incident of my uncle’s life with you. Since my uncle has been studying at college, he had fallen in love with my aunt. But he did not dare to express his love to my aunt. So he decided that he would write a love letter to my aunt and tell her all the things that were in his mind. (she did not become my aunt until then.)So my uncle wrote the love letter for my aunt waking all over the night. But then there was no longer Facebook or WhatsApp, or the person did not have a mobile phone, so there was no way to send SMS. So love letters were written on paper. But the problem is that how will he give this love letter to my aunt going to her?

Then he made a plan. He rolled a brickbat with the love letter and threw it towards my aunt. It was thought that when it will fall on my aunt, she will definitely open and read it. Then she will understand everything. But the incident happened to the opposite. The letter was thrown to a professor of my uncle instead of throwing it to my aunt.

My Uncle’s Love Letter

I’m not saying the following events. However, such an incident obviously happened in your life. Have I said correctly?

This is the romantic episode. You also did whatever else you could. If I want to describe all of these in detail here, then Google may ban my blog. So I will not say anything special about that matter. Actually, there are some things to understand, can I explain everything clearly?

Can I explain everything clearly?

What? Can you remember the sour-sweet romantic love story in your life?

Your separation

The love story of my uncle and aunt was turned into marriage, it is true. But the love story of everyone does not turn into marriage. This is also true. What happened? The smile of your face has disappeared at this moment. Is not it?

One of my childhood friends had committed suicide by falling in love. You will find some details about it in the About Us section. In fact, when two people have been involved in a long relationship, they start to weave their dreams. In some cases, both of them simultaneously weave the dream, sometimes one of the two makes this dream fake because the relationship is only a method of time pass for the other person. He or she has already planned that he or she will come out from the relationship after a particular time. But when one comes out from the relationship, then the other’s Tajmahal of the dream that he or she has weaved for a long time, breaks and collapses in a wink. Sometimes, under pressure of circumstances, the two became separated from each other. In such a situation, the dreams of the two are broken together.

Your Separation

Where is the pain of Separation?

And do you know when a person feels the pain of death being alive? The answer is when his dream breaks.

Yes, my dear friends, today I’m sharing this secret to all of you. If you want to give one of your enemies the same agony as death by keeping him alive, then you break his dream. He is bound to get the same pain of death.

But once you think, the one whose dream you are breaking is he your enemy? Then why are you giving him the same pain of death by keeping him alive? As a result, do you know how horrible it might be that feelings are created in his mind?

Let’s try to understand through an example.

Have you read the novel Arabian Nights? There is a character of Baghdad’s Sultan Shahriar who loved his Begum, Malik Sultana a lot. Sultan could not stay a moment without viewing his begum, Malika Sultana. The Sultan used to present everything in front of his begum, before asking for it……….

Arabian Nights

But one day Sultan Shahriar came to know that his Begum Malika Sultana was a dodge, betrayer, involved in extramarital affairs. Even the Sultan saw his Begum in close proximity with a man in his own eyes. Then the sultan immediately put his begum to death and thought that “women are a dodger.” So, I have to protect Baghdad from their scuffle by killing them.”

So he decided that he would marry a woman every day and will kill her next morning………..

What a terrible decision to think once!

Some questions and their answers

You might say that Arabian Nights is a fairy tale. And what cannot be happened in a fairy tale? Which is possible in the story is not possible in reality. In reality, there are many instances in which the wives deceive their husbands. But; those husbands are not seen to do this.

The answer is very simple.

  1. Friends, always remember that the story is always made in the real background. I mean, stories are created around the real event. Arabian Nights is a teaching novel. The purpose of this novel is to teach us something. So the stories of this novel cannot be blown out completely.
  2.  But there are many women who have been deceiving their husbands. But those husbands do not behave like Sultan Shahriar with their wives. What is the reason behind it?

Friends, the wife has deceived her husband, so the husband has killed his wife, such kind of examples still come today in front of us. But they may not take the second decision of Sultan Shahriar. I mean, they can not marry a woman every night and kill her in the next morning because; none of them are as powerful as Sultan Shahriar. They are ordinary people, so their power is limited. If they were powerful, they might have done the same. But even if they can not do this, there is no doubt that they have an intense hatred in their mind for women.

Proof of interpretation

And if you want its proof, then I would say,” find out a man who has been hurt by love ever since. Observe his behavior, conversation, and work. You can see the disbelief in love and hatred towards women has become clear in his attitude.

You will get the proof of yourself; I do not have to give any further proof.

There is a need to talk some words regarding this topic. This example is not only applicable to men but also for women. The woman’s mind wants to take revenge, and if she gets a chance, she takes revenge too. The fact is that the woman can achieve everything in any way whatever she wants. No one can keep her trapped. They are completely fooled who think that women are powerless and weak. The history has witnessed more than once, how horrible the woman can become if necessary.

But if I want to discuss those things here, the article will be very long. I’ll discuss it later.

Explanations of feelings

So, my dear friends, one matter has become clear in front of us, that is, different feelings are created in the human mind in different situations.

In general, our feelings control our behaviors, conversations, and activities. These feelings have different forms and different names. The name of any feeling is Happiness, Someone’s name is Sad; someone’s name is Hope, someone’s name is Trust, someone’s name is Desire, someone’s name is Wish, someone’s name is Anger, someone’s name is Greed. Their names are different like their forms and characteristics.

But there is one thing which is similar to each of them. And that is their medium of expression.

The expression of each of them happens through our behavior, speech, and action.

What is the role of feelings in our lives?

For the indirect role of these feelings, we get high respect in society; the people of all levels of society become eager in praise of us. On the other hand, in the indirect role of these feelings, we become worse than the animals in the eyes of society.

Can you not make it out? Let’s try to make it a little easier.

Our feelings control our thoughts. Our thoughts control our actions. And our actions sometimes make us god in the eyes of the society, and sometimes the devil. Think of the character of “Arabian nights”, the sultan Shahriar of Baghdad. How he became a monster from a devoted lover.

sultan Shahriar

Do you need more examples?


Friends, do you understand this time, why are the feelings so important?

But in most cases, we become indifferent about our feelings, or we avoid them. But in reality, these feelings control the nature of our mind. There is no benefit by blaming governments, politicians, police, judiciary, etc., in the face of this problem all over the world. We are concerned about ourselves, because of our feelings so we also like to give concern to others.

You have read the Mahabharata definitely. Is not it?

In this context, a wonderful proverb has been made in Mahabharata. “During the day, the shadow of a burning tree falls on the ground, it is true but no one can take shelter under that tree.”

The Burning Tree

We all have become like that burning tree. We are burning ourselves and forcing people around us to burn. Do you know where the problem is? During the day, a burning tree can be identified by looking at it. But in the minds of the people that the fire is burning due to the feelings, he does not understand himself as much time, likewise, people around him can not understand. As a result, every person who comes next to him has to burn himself unknowingly. I will discuss this later.


But our feelings are responsible for all these things. It became clear.

Here I will ask you some questions whose answers you have to find out, as you did the previous day.

  1. What are these feelings actually?
  2. How do they control the nature of our mind?
  3. How are they created in the mind?
  4. What is the way to destroy them?

What do you think? Let me know through your comment. I am waiting for your comment.

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