Can You Always Accept Others?

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I convey my hearty congratulation to you for visiting the 6th post of this blog. In the previous post, “How Feelings Are Created In Mind?” we discussed that:

  1. Our relationship is the base of our feelings.

      2) What kind of feeling will be created in our mind is completely dependent on how much we can accept the information that we will receive from our external world.

In this episode, we will discuss why we cannot always accept others.  But, before going to the main episode, I request you to subscribe this blog by clicking on the bell icon at the bottom right corner of the screen and then click on the allow button to get all the notifications and updates of this blog.

My dear friend, we have already discussed that our relationship is the base of our feelings. But what is the base of this relationship? Have you ever thought about it?

It is

Is not it?

Is it very difficult to understand? Okay, let me make it clear.

How will be my husband?

He will fulfill my life with happiness and pleasure moreover he has to fulfill all my desires and demands.

How will be my wife?

She will be always dedicated to me. She has to be beautiful moreover she has to always follow all my instructions.

How will be my son or daughter?

He or she will serve me and be my loyal.

You can only love that person who can fulfill your expectation. Is not it? Do you agree with me in this context? If you don’t then answer me,

But what is the result of this expectation? Have you ever thought about it?

The destiny of this expectation is not to be fulfilled.

Is it too difficult to understand? Okay, let me make it clear.

Reason 1:

Expectations are born in your mind. Hence, it is impossible for others to make out your expectations until you describe it clearly in front of the other. In most cases, we cannot describe our expectations properly with the other. There may be a lot of reason for it.

As the other cannot make out our expectations, it is impossible for them to fulfill it properly.

Reason 2:

Sometimes your expectation becomes the exact opposite of your near and dear one’s. How does it happen? Okay, let me make it clear through an example.

Suppose you want that your wife will come to your home to start a new married life with your family after the marriage. But your wife does not want so as she is not ready to leave her parent’s company. Now tell me, who will fulfill whose expectation in this situation?

If you want to fulfill your expectation, your wife’s expectation will be broken. On the other hand, if you want to fulfill your wife’s expectation, your expectation will be broken. Is not it?

And that’s the main cause of conflict. When we break another’s expectation, the conflict begins. Thus all our relations are converted into a conflict. Is it not true?

Actually, when two persons come closer to one another to make a relationship, they create a boundary of expectation for one another.

And this boundary is created in both of their minds.  This boundary becomes the base of their relationship for them. What happens in this situation? Have you ever thought about it before?

When one of them crosses this boundary unknowingly, another becomes angry. Is not it?

Now the question arises,

What is the appearance of this boundary? Have you ever thought about it?

When one person creates a boundary of expectation for the other, he does not allow the other to take any decision. He tries to impose his own decision on the other. Actually, he denies the other’s independence. 

Never, you cannot be happy. Then how do you expect that the other would be happy if you deny his or her freedom to take any decision?

Actually, by creating this boundary, you are not only making yourself angry but also you are making the other depressed. Is it not true?


My dear friend, have you got a clear idea about why we cannot always accept others?

In this episode, we learn that the base of all our feelings is relationship and the base of all our relationship is the expectation. So if we want to build up a strong relationship with others then we have to control our expectations.  Is not it?


We have discussed a lot in this episode but there is still a question in my mind yet to be discussed.

The question is:

How can we control our expectations to build up a strong relationship with others?

Do you have the answer to this question?

What do you think? Let me know through your comment. I am waiting for your comment. I must stop now with the hope of having a chance to meet you in the next post.

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