Can you control your mind when you are fighting?

Hello, my dear friend,

Today I’m here to present a new blog post to discuss why you should make your mind calm when you are fighting on the battlefield of your life. In most cases, we cannot control our mind when we are to fight in the battlefield of our life.

But, why do we need to fight on the battlefield of our life? Have you ever thought about it?

I think you have not thought about it before. Hence, let’s start a discussion on this topic.

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Now, let us come to the main episode.

Why do we need to struggle in the battlefield of our life?

According to Darwinism, as the number of organisms has increased in geometric and mathematical rates and the food and accommodation are limited, the organisms are to take part in a difficult competition to survive. According to Charles Darwin, it is called. “Struggle for existence.”

Similar case happens for human being too. But there is little difference between human being and others. Other organisms are to fight for food and accommodation. On the other hand, the human being is to fight not only for food and accommodation but also for saving his property, land and family members (especially women).

Have I said correctly?

Perhaps human being can fulfill his basic demands like food, clothes, and accommodation easily but still he has to fight for property, land, and women.  In most cases, the human fight with each other for these three main causes- land, property and woman.

Is it very difficult to understand? Okay, let me make it clear through some examples.


 Among these three, the human is seen to fight with each other for land in most cases. As an example we can say, the war between India and Pakistan for Kashmir is still going on.

From the ancient ages, a lot of battles for land were described in the pages of history. As an individual, you may have faced such conflicts for land several times in your life. Is it not true?


Property is another reason for which the human fight with each other. If you are an owner of many properties, you will get some enemies for free. Is it not true?

 If you take a look at newspapers or news channels, a lot of such incidents will appear in front of your eyes where you can see, a son has killed his parents for the sake of property. Can you imagine? How scary can it be?


The woman is another reason for which the human is to fight with each other. It sounds very funny but it is true. From the ancient ages, the human has been fighting with each other for the sake of the woman. Sometimes this conflict happens for the persuasion of woman. Sometimes this conflict happens for the sake of protecting the woman.  Is it not true?

Most of the love triangles are woman-centric. A love triangle can cause even a murder. Is it not true?

If we take a look at the ancient mythologies, we can find out that the women had played a great role to carry forward the story. In the Ramayana, we can see that Ram had to go to the forest for the persuasion of the maidservant Manthara. 

In the Mahabharata, one of the main reasons for the battle of Kurukshetra was the insult of Droupadi in front of all.

Now I’m going to discuss another reason for which the human is to fight with one another. The reason is injustice.

How does injustice affect on us?

When a person sees injustice in any incident, his mind is messed. He thinks that the whole world is his enemy. His mind wants to protest against that event. He demands justice in terms of that incident. This is natural. An injustice that happens around us can destroy our confidence and belief towards others. Is it not true?

What is the meaning of justice? If the person repents for what he has done wrong and if that victim can trust the judicial system along with the society again, is called justice. Is it not true?

But if the victim cannot be patient, he leaves the way of justice and chooses the way of conflict and revenge. He goes ahead with a thought of “A tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye.” Thus he becomes a criminal.

What is the solution to these problems?

The solution is- you have to win the battle which is happening in your life. How can you win that battle? Have you ever thought about it? Let me make it clear through an example.

Two persons are equally strong and learned. But what will happen when the conflict will happen between the two?

Always one will win and the other will be defeated. Is it not true?

Why does it happen?

There are two types of irons. First one is cold iron and the second one is hot iron. A blacksmith cuts an iron with an iron. But always a cold iron can cut a hot iron.

This formula applies to the human being too. If the warrior is full of jealousy and anger then he is like a hot iron. But if the warrior becomes able to make his mind calm when he is fighting then he is like cold iron.

Hence, if you can make your mind calm when you are fighting then you can easily defeat the other who is full of jealousy and anger.


It is very clear from the above discussion that we have to learn the way to make our mind calm so that we can easily win all the battles which are happening in our life. There is no power in jealousy and anger. The power is in peace and calmness.

Have I said correctly?

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