Feelings Are Temporary

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Today I’m here to present a new blog post to discuss a very important feature of our feelings. It is “feelings are temporary.” But before starting this episode I want to declare that I’ve adopted the knowledge and the examples of this post from a youtube video of Sandeep Maheswari.

This idea is not my brainchild. I just want to share this knowledge with you through my blog.

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Let us start this post with a real-life example.

Once upon a time, there were four close friends in a college. Three of them were smokers and the rest was not.

One day the three smoker friends started kidding with the rest one –

“Hey! Someone, please bring a glass of milk for him because he cannot smoke. He has not become a man yet. He is still a baby. Oh baby, just go back to your home and start playing with your doll.”

Now tell me, how the non-smoker boy was feeling then. He was feeling bad. You can experience it well if you keep yourself in the place of that boy in that situation. Now if he wants to get good feelings in this situation, he has to start smoking.

Then there were two options available for him.

  1. He could start smoking.
  2. He could leave the gang.

But if he would start smoking, it would be injurious to his health. On the other hand, if he would leave the gang, he would feel bad. What he should do then?

If you want to get the answer, you have to realize the fact. The fact is:

When we feel bad, our mind immediately starts finding out the exact opposite of our bad feelings. That means, “Good Feelings.” As an example, you can notice, When you are sad, your mind immediately starts finding out happiness. Is it not true?

Thus, our feelings become temporary.

 You have to realize this fact if you want to fight with your feelings.  It does not matter whether your feelings are good or bad. It is not true that when we feel good by doing any work, the work is also good for us.  Is it not true? Judge it yourself.

Now the question arises,

How can we decide our right work to deal with our feelings?

Before taking any decision we have to ask ourselves two questions,

” Is this work well for me or not?” And

“Is this work well for those people who are around us?” If the answer to the above two questions is “yes” then you can go ahead. It does not matter whether your feelings are good or bad.

If your feelings are good- do it. If your feelings are bad- do it.

It is a very interesting point. Although you are having bad feelings by doing any work still you have to do it.

 This is the only formula to decide our right work to deal with our feelings.

Now I want to explain this formula through some examples.

Example 1:

Do you love your wife?

If you are in love with your wife then sometimes you will have good feelings with your wife and sometimes you will not. But if you love your wife, you have to be there.

Most of the people think that they would love their wife as long as they are having good feelings from their wife. They would get out of the relationship when they would feel bad.

No. It was just an attraction. Remember one thing,

Example 2:

If you go on according to your feelings then you cannot control how you will feel rather an advertiser will control your feelings. If an advertiser shows you this car which is out of your budget then you will be crazy for it. 

Is it not true?


If you go on according to your feelings then you cannot be successful in any field of your life. You know what, unsuccessful people do 10 commitments per day with themselves but they do not fulfill a single commitment in their whole life. On the other hand, successful people leave 1000 commitments at a time and do just one commitment. But they must fulfill that commitment before their death. They just go for it. It does not matter whether it is painful or fun. It does not matter whether they will get success or failure. They just go for it. They don’t give up until they get success.


We have to stop now as we have reached the last stage of this post. But there is still a question in my mind yet to be discussed.

The question is:

Can we get success by begging?

Do you have the answer to this question?

I must stop now with the hope of having a chance to meet you in the next post.

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