This is Arijit Ghosh and I am …………


What are you thinking? What is going on in your mind? Let me guess.

If I am not wrong then, perhaps you are thinking that “What kind of puzzle is this! What should be in place of …………?”Some of you must be thinking,” This Arijit Ghosh is a funny guy who is creating suspense in front of us for joking.” Perhaps you are thinking that, “this boy is totally mad or mentally misbalanced. He does not know what he is talking about. So let his words throw out from our mind to concentrate on something another else.”Is not it? Yes, I know that I am right. But with due respect I beg to state that all the above thoughts are just wrong because I did it intentionally to keep my identity hidden from all of you.

But now the question arises why do I want to keep my identity hidden? Am I  a criminal ?Or such a person , for whom It is too difficult to reveal his identity in front of all? NO, NOT LIKE THAT. I don’t want to reveal my identity for this moment only. Actually at first I thought that I will start this page by giving a short description about myself but later I realized that, if I do so, then you will go through the page and just forget me because there is nothing to keep me in your mind. But I will not allow you to do so. Swami Vivekananda said, “As you have come in this world, then put a tick mark here. Otherwise there will be no difference between you and a dog.”

  So I asked myself,” how can I put a permanent tick mark in other’s mind?” My mind answered, ” by creating your identity”. I asked again to my mind,” how can I create my identity?” Mind replied, “Through your work.”

YES!!! At that point of time I got the answer which I was looking for. Our work creates our identity. you cannot find out a single moment in your life which you can pass out without doing anything. And as we work, our identity creates. But before doing anything you have to think on it to make yourself eligible for this work. If you do something without thinking on it then its result may be a great big zero. For an example, if you want to enjoy your life, you have to achieve the eligibility like :

  1. You should have enough money because without money you cannot enjoy your life.
  2. You should have enough free time . If your job does not provide you sufficient free time then……
  3. You should have a beloved, loving, caring and faithful (as your mind wants) life partner because nobody can enjoy his life alone.
  4. You should gather enough knowledge on different ways of enjoyment.
  5. You should have enough happiness in your mind because you cannot enjoy with a sorrow mind.
  6. You should be physically fit because you cannot enjoy those days when you become ill.

Actually there is a deep relation between our body and mind. Is not it? Okay, let me clear it. Remember of those days when you were ill. Was your mind happy then? Can’t be. Now remember that day when your girlfriend had broken up the relation with you without any acceptable reason. Were you not feeling weak and lonely on that day?

Whatever, now come to the second example, if you want to make money, then you have to achieve the eligibility like :

  1. You should have a job or cashflow that pays you the money which is more than all the monthly expenses of your family so that you can make a savings.
  2. You should gather the knowledge of investment to make more money by investing your savings.
  3. You should have the knowledge of passive income and creating cashflow.
  4. You should have a strong will power in your mind to make money.
  5. You should be physically fit to continue you job or business. Is not it?

And finally, have you ever thought that how I have written down all of these? The answer is very simple. I have thought a lot on it in my mind before writing all of these.

Thus we can come to the conclusion that our mind plays a great role for doing any work in our life because we cannot do anything without thinking .Whatever you want to do, you have to think first on it. Our thoughts are like pictures and our mind is like a canvas. When you will be able to draw a perfect image of thinking on the canvas of your mind, then you can create a prefect plan for doing any work perfectly and your perfect work will help you to reach your goal soon. Are not all of these interconnected?

But for all of these you have to make your mind a canvas i.e. a suitable place to draw the pictures of thinking. Is not it? Ask yourself and listen what your mind says. Does your mind agree with me? If yes , then I am Arijit Ghosh , inviting all of you on my blog to  start this journey which will teach you the ways to control mind, the ways to increase your mental strength and how to use it to achieve your goal.

 Thus I will be able to create my own identity to put a permanent tick mark in your mind so that you cannot forget me.