How to Deal With Bad Feelings

Hello, my dear friend,

Today I’m going to present a unique knowledge through this blog post which will teach you to deal with your bad feelings. In the previous post “How feelings are created in mind,” we discussed that the feelings which make us disconnected from others are called bad feelings.  Desire, greed, jealousy, anger, etc are some of the examples of our bad feelings.

But are all these bad feelings really bad for us? Have you ever thought about it?

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Let us come to the main episode.

Do you think that our desire disconnects us from others? Yes, when you desire to seize your brother’s property forcefully, then it will disconnect you from your brother.

But if you desire to be a successful singer in your life then it will not only help you to improve yourself but also it will help you to connect with others through your voice. Is it not true?

Thus we see, our desire can play two different roles in our life. Sometimes it works as a bad feeling and sometimes it works as a good feeling.  Then,

 How can we say that our desire is bad?

Let us take a look at another example.

Do you have any desire for sex? Is it good or bad?

If your sexual desire provokes you to rape a girl, then it is bad.

But if we don’t have any sexual desire, our creation will be destroyed. 

Is it not true?

Similar case happens for greed, jealousy, and anger too.

If you are greedy for other’s property or assets, then it is bad. But if you don’t have any greed to prosper in life, then your growth will be stopped.

If your jealousy provokes you to harm others, then it is bad. On the other hand, your jealousy is a way to make yourself better to defeat your competitors. Is it not true?

Similarly, our anger is also bad as it provokes us to harm others but if you don’t have anger, you will not be able to suppress wrongdoings and establish justice.

Now the question arises,

How can these feelings play two different roles in our life?

We can use fire for cooking and enlightening our house as long as it is under control.

But when this fire goes out of control then it burns everything down to ashes. Is it not true?

Similarly, when our desire, hope, expectation, and anger go out of our control then they also burn our life down to ashes. Is it very difficult to understand? Okay, let me make it clear through some examples.

Example 1:

Question: What do you think? Why is a rapist punished?

Is a rapist punished for having the sexual desire? Not at all. We all have sexual desire. Is it not true?

Then, why is a rapist punished? A rapist is punished for not being able to control his sexual desire. Have I said correctly?

Example 2:

Question: Why is a murderer punished?

You will say, a murderer is punished as he has killed someone. But I do not agree with you. 

If you kill someone in anger then you will be punished. Now the question arises,

“Why will you be punished? “ Will you be punished for being angry with that person whom you have murdered?

Definitely not. Each one of us is angry with someone else. Is it not true? Then,

Will you be punished for killing that person?

If it is so, then why you will not be punished for killing someone for self-defense.

In this case, you will be punished for not being able to control your anger.

Thus we can say, if we cannot control our desire, hope, and anger, then they will burn our life down to ashes. 

Importance Of desire, hope, and expectations in our life

Our desire, hope, and expectations are nothing but our driving force. Is it not true? If I ask you, “Who are you?” then what your answer will be. Have you ever thought about it?

If you judge it yourself then you will be able to understand that your desires are the explanation of your life. Some of your desires have been fulfilled and some have not been fulfilled yet.  This is your identity.

Your identity = your fulfilled desires+ your unfulfilled desires 

 Is it not true? Most of the people in our society cannot control their desires. They are driven by their desires as a hunter runs after a deer for hunting.

But our desires can be a good source of our knowledge. When our desires remain unfulfilled, the light of knowledge enters into our heart at that point of time. That’s why you are reading this blog now. Have I said correctly?


This is a knife.

A gangster can use it to kill someone. On the other hand, a doctor can use it to save his patient’s life. The knife is not responsible for how the knife will be used. The man who is using this knife is responsible for that.  Is it not true?

Similarly, our feelings are not responsible for how they will be used. We are responsible for that. We have to drive our feelings in a proper way to prosper in our life.

Have I said correctly? Judge it yourself.


We have to stop now as we have reached the last stage of this post. But there is still a question in my mind yet to be discussed.

The question is:

How can we properly drive our feelings to prosper in our life?

Do you have the answer to this question? I must stop now with the hope of having a chance to meet you in the next post.

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