The Mistakes Of Modern Society

First of all, we have to find out the main mistakes that the modern society is doing. Because if we can not find out our mistakes, then how it is possible to rectify all of these. Is not it? If we cannot rectify our faults, then how can we rectify ourselves? And if we can’t rectify ourselves, then we will not be able to control our mind.

         Yes, my dear friends. We will not be able to control our mind without rectifying ourselves. Is it very tough to understand? Let us make it out easily.

Your Murder Case

Suppose you have killed a person in the subject to submission of anger  and thereafter tried to deplete all the Information and evidence of this murder  so that police can’t catch you. But will you be able to remain peacefully after doing all of these?………..

Your Murder Case

Never. As long as the police investigation goes on, you will not be able to sleep at night peacefully. You will be stuck to the fear of caught up at any point of time. You will be worried by thinking that, perhaps police has uncovered the mystery of the murder that you’ve committed and can reach you at any time to arrest. You will be running away constantly. There will be no way in front of you to make yourself calm. Perhaps, police will not be able to catch you up although you will be afraid of fear in whole life. Perhaps police will stop investigating this case after 3 months but you will not be able to be free from fear. It may be possible that your murder case will be reopened through an another case and the police will catch you up at last. There are many examples like this,

Now tell me my dear friend, in such a situation, where you can’t control yourself, then how can you control your mind?

Now, perhaps you will ask me , we all are not killer then why we cannot control our mind?

What will be the answer of this question? Let us find out the answer of this question together.

What do you think? Would you be able to stay in peace if you did not commit that murder? Never,  Just think about it. Why did you commit that murder? In the subject to submission of anger.   Is not it?

Now , my dear friends, just try to imagine. If for any reason your anger is created in your mind, then will you be able to control yourself or your mind? Probably, you all know the answer of this question. So , I’m not speculating much regarding this. But what are the causes of generating anger in our mind?

Let us try to make out the causes of generating anger in our mind through some real experiments.

Experiment With Two Dogs

Once two hungry dogs were stuck in a cell, a chopping chicken was kept In front of them. Both the two dogs were very hungry at that point of time. They did not eat anything earlier. In such a situation, for keeping a whole chicken in front of them, they both jumped over the chicken. Then the rift begins. They both were hungry. In this situation, if they wanted, they could eat by sharing it between them. Thus both of them got stomach full. Yes, you might say that they had to eat half a stomach. But their stomach was still filled.

But they did not do that. They started having trouble with each other. They began to roar each other. Then started biting. At the end, there started a climactic clash. Both of them were injured, the blood of both of them started bleeding. Both of them wanted to get the chicken completely in possession. Thus, when a dog was dying almost then the other came and consumed the whole chicken.

Experiment With Two Dogs

Just think, friends. Well, both of them were hungry, a chicken was not enough for both of them. But they would eat that food sharing each other with peace; the two of them were just as stomach filled as nobody would have been hurt seriously. Have I said correctly?

Friends, what do you learn from this incident? These dogs could have avoided their anger and could meet their need but they made the anger up for themselves. You might say they’re dogs, so did that. Can people do this? Never. But friends, I can show you that people do and do so. Let’s try to understand from the next example.

Experiment With Two Prisoners

A few years ago, in a famous prison in Pakistan, there had been a lot of trouble in between two prisoners. At first it comes from the slightest abuses and then it goes to the level of blows. One of the victims was seriously injured and when he was admitted to the prison hospital, the hospital authority declared him dead after one day.

Experiment With Two Prisoners

Later it was known that there was a little difference of opinion among the two prisoners, which resulted in the death of the prisoner. The death of one came here from the little disagreements of the two. Yes you might say that events are not usually seen. It may be right. These events may not reach the point of death as it has been. But the beginning of the conflict from a little disagreement is very common today which is seen to be happening around the school, college, office or even in the streets today.

Do you understand what I mean exactly? In the previous example, we saw two dogs fighting each other to meet the hunger and as a result, one died. However, there may be a fair reason, because first of all they are dogs and secondly the irritation of hunger is what makes you feel visually. But how would you explain the fate of two prisoners and the death of one of the prisoners because of this little disagreement? When the prisoner’s incident reached the newspaper, one of my friends said that both of them were crazy but I do not agree with my friend. Perhaps, this death was due to accident, but the cause of death is very common. The conflict from the slightest dispute is very common nowadays.

What Is The Nature Of Animals?

Animals have a limit of their action so, by judging their actions, we can understand their nature. What does an animal like to do mainly? Excluding some special species (Dog, Horse) they come to enjoy life. Their main task is to give birth to babies and to fill their stomach in any way.

Nature Of Animals

If you have to snatch the food of others to fill your stomach, then take it. If you have to do any harm to someone else to stay good then do it. Anyway, I have to be fine. They have always been fighting to preserve their existence. You will win, if you ever fight with someone less powerful than yourself, then you will face defeat with someone more powerful than yourself. Sometimes this defeat of the world can mean death. Think of this life of animals, is it your favorite? If not, why do you behave like animals? What are you thinking? I am talking about those prisoners, not at all. I’m talking about you, me, all of us. You might be angry with me on hearing my words but this is the true. Do not understand right? Let’s see an example of this.

The Game of The Reality Show

Once, some students of a college took part in a reality show. There was a game. The game is quite like this:

Each participant was given an alpine in one hand and a blown balloon on the other hand. They were allocated for 1 minute. It was said that at the end of this 1 minute, the balloon left in hand will win.

Then the time began. As soon as, all the participants started breaking the balloons of others with their own alpine, somebody accidentally gave the alpine on someone else while breaking the balloons quickly. As a result bleeding started. After a minute’s end it was seen that the balloon was not in the hands of anyone and it was bleeding from the hands of two participants.

Bleeding From The Hand

Friends, think a little bit, “what conditions were given to win this game?” The balloon which remains untouched until the end of which participant, will be won. It is right that everyone’s alpine was given. But if they were standing quietly for 1 minute and did not break the balloons of others, what would have happened?

  1. The balloons were intact in the hands of everyone, and everybody would have won.
  2. There was no bleeding from anyone’s hand.

What Do You Learn From All Of These?

Friends, try to judge a little bit, the way animals live their lives, if people start to live their life like that, will there be any difference between people and animals? Or do people need to spend life like animals?

In each of the above examples, I found that despite being an alternative road, people love to behave like animals.

What? The Matter Is Not Clear, So? Okay, Let Me Make It Clear

See today’s political parties. They always keep on denigrating each other for survival in power. The tendency to denigrate each other before the vote increases further. Their main purpose is to reduce the others, to prove them bigger. Just as jungle animals kill other animals to fill their stomach, here too, political parties are sticking to each other to keep their power and throne alive. Is not it like the behavior of animals?

 If these political parties forget about their throne and think of improving the people of the country, If they thought about how this country can be taken to the extreme top of all the aspects of development, then, did not the people of the country choose them? Would have done, of course. But they forget their duty and start thinking about name, fame and money and happiness. As a result, they may temporarily enrich themselves when they come to power but the progress of the country is hampered.

Keep in mind that these improvements are nothing but temporary. They cannot enrich themselves forever. If you gradually go ahead to read our blog, then it will be clearer to you.

Sometimes such incidents and events come forward where any political leader does not hesitate to misappropriate the money of ordinary poor people for their luxuries. People, who believe in them, give political power of the country, after coming to power; they suck the blood of those poor ill fated people.

Political Scams

The value of money is much more than the trust, belief and love of man to them. If these cases are judged, you will realize that in these cases, people are worse off than animals. If you cherish a dog carefully, then whatever he does, he will never bite you anymore. He’ll keep your house awake all night. He will protect you along with your family. And if necessary, he will value your trust, belief and love even through sacrificing his own life. But in this case, humans have become worse than animals?


This example is not only true for the political parties; you will see these kind of examples more or less in almost every profession. It may be a doctor, a government employee, a businessman or any other profession. To explain everything, this article will be very long, so I want to stop here. But I request you that “please do not stop the flow of your thoughts.” If you stop, you cannot correct your mistakes and think in the right way. And if you cannot think in the right way, you cannot control your mind just as well and cannot do the right thing.

This blog will teach you to make the right decision after thinking in the right way. The mistake of modern society is that they cannot think rightly for making proper decisions. . As a result they cannot make the right plans and cannot do the right thing. So, the right fruits cannot be obtained.

I request you to follow this blog from the first to the next. Do not skip any post. Who can say a post might change the nature of your thoughts?


Let’s try to find an explanation for the above problems:

What do you think? Why do people today behave like animals or at the lower levels of animals in different parts of our society? What is your opinion about this? Please tell me through the comment below. I am waiting for your reply.

Think About The Answers

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