What Are Feelings?

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I’m Arijit Ghosh, present here to welcome you to the 3 rd post of this blog to discuss our feelings. If you take a look at the 2nd post “Analysis of the mistakes of modern society”, then you can find out that how

In this section, we are going to discuss in detail about our feelings. Mainly, we will try to find out the answers to these questions below:

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Now, let’s come to the main episode.

Question 1: What are these feelings actually?

I think it will be easy to persuade this answer though 2 real-life examples.

If you want to realize this answer, then you have to follow my instructions step by step. Are you ready to follow my instructions? If yes, then let’s start.

Step 1: Close your eyes.

Step 2: Take a deep breath for a few times.(minimum 10 times).

Step 3: Now play the youtube video below. Watch this video until the end. Don’t skip anywhere.

I know, perhaps you will not be able to realize the meaning of this song. It is quite natural. So, let me introduce this song in brief.

It is a Bengali romantic song of the film “Premer Kahini”, sung by Shaan and Shreya Ghoshal. It is a very popular Bengali romantic song. Its music composer was Jeet Ganguli, Director was Ravi Kinagi and Producer was Shree Venkatesh Films.

Now, I want to ask you a question,”What did you feel, when you were watching this video?” Just ask this question to yourself .

Perhaps, you were not able to make out the meaning of this song, but you could hear the melody, you could watch the video. They both were denoting that, this video is related to romance although you could not make out the meaning of this song. Actually, nothing but the melody of a song is sufficient to reflect every feeling of our mind. Melody does not need the help of language. If you cannot make out the language but can feel the melody of a song, then you will feel the song almost.  Have I said correctly? Ask this question to yourself.

And that’s the reason, we all love music, we all love melody, we all love song.

Now, let us come to the main point.

Are you confused about the answer to this question? Let me make it clear.

AS it is a romantic video, definitely it will create a romantic feeling in your mind. Now this romantic feeling can act on you in three different ways.

How? Okay, let me explain it.


Now, how will this video act on you? Definitely this video will create a desire in your mind to have a soul mate. And if you continue watching this video for a few days, it will motivate you to search out your lover. And if you can continue this process in the right direction, then finally you may become a character of this picture below

Suppose, you are in a


What !!!

I mean, suppose you are in a relationship. Now, tell me, how will this video act on you?

 As soon as you will watch this video you will remember your lover along with those romantic moments you spent together.

Perhaps you are going to share this video song with your soul mate now.

 Despite all of these, this video will encourage you to find out different ways to strengthen your relationship. Have I said correctly ?

Do you often convey your penance or sorrow to yourself like:

 I mean, “Have you broken away from your relationship?” If yes, then let me think, how this video will act on your mind?
I know, as soon as you will watch this video, it will create an embarrassing feeling in your mind. Indeed, what is lotted cannot be bottled. Yet words, I know, are poor comforters.

And in all such situations, we are always alone. But it is not mere words when the soul speaks to the soul. I can only trust to the healing effect of time and pray to god for the strength that will help you to bear this misfortune. Perhaps this video will create a lot of anger and frustration in your mind by remembering all those painful incidents that happened in your life in the past. Perhaps you are thinking to stop reading this blog right now as this blog has forced you to remember all those unwanted incidents in your life.

You might be thinking that love is nothing but deception, a way to fulfill one’s self-interest.

But believe me, this is not true. If you come to know the actual meaning of love, then your misconception regarding love will be driven away.

 And then you may find out a new way to search out your real love for the rest of your life after watching this video.

Now I am going to share a real-life story with you.

Long ago, there was a village in ancient India named “Saptagram”. There lived an old man alone in a cottage named Bishnupada. As he was very old, so he could not turn around properly due to his old age.

He had an wooden self where he kept some of his precious things like his important documents, money, etc. In the normal state, he could not lift the wooden self alone due to his old age.

One day the old man’s cottage was caught fire accidentally. His cottage was almost burnt but somehow he saved his life.

After that, he started running holding that wooden self with his two hands, which he could not lift a little in normal state. Thus he crossed 200 meters on that day.

The Analysis of the Above Two Examples

Now, my dear friends, it is time to analyze the above two examples.

In the 1st example, when you were watching that youtube video and listening to that romantic song, it created romantic feelings in your mind. The feeling motivated you to search out your soul mate and to find out different ways to strengthen your relationship. Is not it?

Now, I want to ask you two questions.

You have two options for both the above questions.

Yes, I know that you know the right answer. The answer is “Option 2 : The romantic feeling that was created in your mind through that romantic video song.”

But now the question arises, “what was the role of that youtube video here?”

Wait. We are coming back to this point soon.

In the 2nd example, we see, Bishnupada crossed 200 meters on that day holding that wooden self with his two hands, which he could not lift a little in normal state.

Here the question arises ,

Fear of being burnt.” And “Fear of losing precious things” are the main causes to make this incident possible. Is not it?

Then, what is the main cause of being this incident possible?

The main cause is “Fear”. Fear urged him to convert this impossible into possible.

Now, the question arises, “ what is fear?”

Fear is obviously a type of feeling. Is not it?

My dear friends, here we have discussed two different feelings.

  1. romance
  2. fear

Yes, they are quite different in nature but there is a similarity between the two.  They both urge a person to execute any work.

Now the question arises,

Answer. According to Physics, Our energy urges us to do any work. Our energy is nothing but our ability to do any work.

In our above discussion, we found that” Our feelings urge us to execute any work.” Hence, we can decide that “Our feelings are nothing but energy.”

Have I said correctly?

If you say that “I’m still wrong.” Then answer me

The answer is very simple.

You have a desire in your mind to control your feelings and emotions. Your desire urged you to read this blog. And desire is nothing but feelings.

Am I right? Or am I not?

Different Sources of Our Feelings

Just take a look at the above 1st example where I asked you a question. It was:

“ What was the source of the youtube video here?”

Are you confused?

 Don’t worry. Let me explain it.

Here the youtube video acts as a source of your romantic feelings.

Likewise, the fire acted as a source of Bishnupada’s fear, fear of being burnt, and fear of losing precious things.

I’ve just given you two examples of the source of our feelings. They are both external sources of our feelings. I’ve classified different sources of our feelings in two different categories.

Internal source:

The sources of our feelings that belong to the interior part of our body and mind are called internal sources of our feelings.



 Our memory is a storehouse of different incidents that happened in our past life. Different incidents create different types of feelings in our mind. Moreover, our memory is a very important part of our brain(the interior part of our body). Hence our memory is an internal source of our feelings.

Physical Illness:

I don’t know whether you have noticed it or not,

Actually, there is a deep relation between our body and mind. Is not it? Okay, let me clear it. Remember of those days when you were ill. Was your mind happy then?  

No. You can’t be happy on that day. Our physical illness creates a sad feeling in our mind.

Moreover, our physical illness is connected to the inner part of our body. Hence, our physical illness is an internal source of our feelings.

External source:

The sources of our feelings that belong to the outer part of our body and mind are called external sources of our feelings.

Example :

Our environment


Now, my dear friend, we have reached the last stage of this blog post. In this episode, we have discussed the two particular subjects like:

1)The actual inner meaning of our feelings.

2) Different sources of our feelings.

I must stop now with the hope of having a chance to meet you in the next post.


I know, in your mind, there are some questions which are yet to be discussed. Such as:

  1. How do feelings control the nature of our mind?
  2. Can we create any feelings in our mind?
  3. What is the way to destroy our feelings?
  4. What is the process of generating feelings in our mind through external sources?
  5. If the feelings are energy, they are all the features of energy applicable in feelings?

 What do you think? Let me know through your comment. I am waiting for your comment.

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